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Andrew Bonney

Andrew Bonney has spent the last 20 years dedicating his life to Kayaking and paddle sports all over the world. 

ABCKayaking’s Andrew Bonney (Bonney) BCU Level 5 Inland A5 assessor, next generation white water kayaking performance coach, specific expertise in risk management and Leadership in Safety and rescue in the white-water environment, BSc Hon’s Degree Coaching and Outdoor Leadership.

Our years of experiences working on white water rivers around the world, we have been there, we have worked there for season after season so we know what works and what simply does not in the white-water environment. Our passion for white water kayaking and sharing the love of the sport is leading the way at the frontier and our standards for what we deliver is the best in the business. Our experience knowledge is not just White water but everything that surrounds it, as a climbing instructor, gorge walking guide, canyon guide, coo-steering guide, surf kayaking, sea kayaking, open canoeing and much more.

Places paddled and worked as a river professional kayaking and Rafting Coach, Guide and operations manager for many companies: UK, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Norway, NZ, Canada and Chile. ABCKayaking operates anywhere in the world, trusted ABCKayaking coaches and guides are our friends and in our friends, we trust to give you the best adventure beyond coaching.